Monday, February 3, 2014

And it's come!

Welp... Today is my Birthday!!!!!!!!

25 was truly the BEST year of my life!! In honor of the best year to date i've decided to give you a few highlights :)

1. I married my best friend!!
Photo by Miles Witt Boyer

2. We built and moved into the perfect little first home!

This was yesterday!

3. This sweet girl came into our lives and made up puppy parents :)

Those would be my top 3 sprinkled with more than I can count or name of amazing things that came in year 25 of my life!! I am truly blessed to start the next year of my life with a wonderful husband, sweet little Daisy, a wonderful job, friends, co workers and family! I wouldn't trade this life for anything!!! 

This past weekend I had the best birthday party EVER! I can't wait to share those pictures and details as soon as I get them!! YAY for Birthdays!

Hope everyone has wonderful days!! :)

Until Next Time,