Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PIKO love!

Hello there again!

OK- first off... I have to say an OH MY GOODNESS I'm so happy moment in here for all of you new followers :) You truly are making this gals heart all warm and fuzzy inside!! Thank You!!

So it's a Tuesday and it's been a bit since i've thrown any of my fashion opinions out there. I think when I started this blog before anyone read it I wrote a lot more about fashion than I do now!! Hmm... Not sure. But anyways, I do love fashion! I consider myself a Southern Belle so duh I love Fashion. These boutiques have just been killing me lately too with all their beauty and since i've stuck a certain top on about ALL of my friends and insisted if they didn't buy it they had to be smoking something not really I decided it was high time I introduce you (if you don't already know about them) to my love of a top- the PIKO!

PIKO tops started becoming popular around these parts back in August! One of my fashionista, works at Nordstrom, has her desgree in apparel studies, fellow blogger friends Lauren introduced me to this top and we both immediately bought one at a local boutique and seriously I wanted to wear it every day.

Purchase #1- the Red PIKO long sleeve!

I've worn is quite a few times... here are just a FEW times i've worn in since Purchased in August..
Razorback Football Games
25th Birthday Celebration with fur (fake) vest
Then I have a white PIKO... i've worn on a few occasions...
To meet one of my niece's for the first time!
Our Christmas Pictures!
I also wore the white with a red bubble necklace to a Razorback game and with a scarf a few times.. sorry no pictures from that time or others.. boo!

Then.. the Turquoise PIKO!
Super Bowl/Birthday...
It's not even my newest but i've only worn this beauty once so far! I got it for my birthday!!

THEN... I also received a black and red PIKO turtleneck for my birthday and have worn those a few times with no documentation as well... I'm a bit obsessed. Hello, My name is Jamie and I have a Piko Problem... Happy? I admit it at least! :)

So... besides the fact I own a "few" of these beautiful tops. Let me tell you first WHY I love them and then show you a few i'm swooning over for spring and summer!!

1. The fabric is SO comfy
2. They are loose!
3. You can wear them with leggings, jeans, dress pants, tights... you name it!
4. You can layer them or wear them with statement jewelry or scarfs (i've done it all)
5. They are so universal- they look great on all body types- swear!

So- they are now coming out with dresses, short sleeve tops, jackets, you name it Piko is inventing it in their beautiful fabric- patterns too!

Belle Boutique (3 locations in NWA) is advertising these cuties...
Creep their FB and you can order from there or their online store!

Riffraff (local NWA Boutique) just posted this adorable patterns...
and have a website you can purchase on as well!!

Then.. my friend who hasn't been a stranger to this blog has these beauties!
Go to bytherapy.com and you can order the above! She is also getting more colors in mid-March so go back and check it out! I have the low down on her biz!! :)

So yes.. there is my 2cents on PIKO's and my love of them. I swear you won't regret buying one! They are low maintenance up keep as well.. I mean i've washed mine a few hundreds of times and they still are amaze. I wash on delicate and hang to dry! Simple! :) Add a little steam or iron to them if they get a wrinkle and ready to go!

Also for a funny for you- a few of my friends that hadn't already jumped on this train and we are going PIKO shopping Sunday! YAYY! (oh dear, no one tell Chris! I hope you aren't reading this post just because of the pure fact it says piko...)

AND.. when googling them you find all kinda of images, stores, and information on them! I did just that and now can tell you what they are made of :)

Trend Alert: Piko Shirts

The latest craze in fashion, Piko shirts are effortlessly stylish, comfy and affordable! A killer combo that has shoppers eager to buy. Mostly made out of bamboo, the tops feel cool to the touch, are irresistibly soft and eco-friendly!

Happy Shopping because I know you want to now, huh?! huh?! DO IT!

Also- don't forget to go check out this awesome giveaway I posted yesterday Here! Don't want to miss $95 of amazing gift card goodies!! :) 

Coming tomorrow as always, my thoughts on the Bachelor!

Until Next Time,

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  1. Which location has the cheapest ones???

    1. Head over to www.ashandcoscloset.com PIKO tops there are great price and they are running a sale!!!

  2. All are the exact same location- $39 for long sleeve, $32 for short sleeve! If it's any cheaper, it's not a real piko!

    1. Not true- there are several places that sell for much cheaper and they are real Pikos. I buy all of mine for 29-32 dollars and they are 100% real Pikos. Try the Rage Boutique, Pink Coconut, and Indigo. Al 3 are much cheaper and authentic Piko tops.

    2. Head over to www.ashandcoscloset.com PIKO tops there are great price and they are running a sale!!! By a PIKO top and get a statement necklace for $5!!!

  3. These are my favorites too! You should check out KikiLaRue she sells them too!

    KikiLaRue.com is her site!

  4. i like! i have a similar styled shirt but its much baggier, this one looks great!

  5. Well, I've been resisting but now I may have to order one!

  6. i always say if you find anything in the clothing department that look stunning on you buy it in every color and don't apologize for it!

  7. fun!! i went to college in Arkansas! i loved it but i am a colorado girl at heart!